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An Open Letter to our Customers from WuXi AppTec Leadership


For more than 20 years, WuXi AppTec has enabled thousands of customers across the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries to discover, develop, and manufacture new medicines to benefit patients.

We have always been guided by our core value of “doing the right thing and doing it right.” And we remain committed to this ethos despite recent unfounded and misleading claims about our company.

Like many of you, we are concerned by a misguided U.S. legislative initiative to target our company without a fair and transparent review of the facts. We are equally concerned by the serious impact the unwarranted allegations and harmful actions would have on patients who rely on the life-saving and innovative work our customers perform in the United States and around the world.

We want to be clear and set the record straight: WuXi AppTec does not pose a national security risk to any country.

While the U.S. government has determined that certain companies do pose such a risk to the United States and has imposed sanctions against them, WuXi AppTec has never been subject to any such determination or sanction. We welcome regulatory oversight of our industry, including the proposed evaluation of biotech companies in the recent legislation. But we strongly object to blanket allegations and preemptive actions against our company without due process.

WuXi AppTec has a strong track record of upholding the highest intellectual property, data and privacy protection standards, as well as maintaining the trust of our customers. Our number one priority continues to be providing customers with resources and capabilities to advance discoveries in the life sciences and deliver treatments to those in need.

As deliberations on this legislation continue, we are actively correcting the unfounded and misleading claims about our company. We are confident that upon considering the facts, U.S. lawmakers will understand that WuXi AppTec does not in any way pose a national security risk to any country. Instead, we serve as a valued contributor to the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries.


Ge Li, Ph.D., Chairman & CEO

Minzhang Chen, Ph.D., Co-CEO

Steve Yang, Ph.D., Co-CEO